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Betty Griffith-Aime, LDM

As a Licensed Direct Entry Midwife in the state of Oregon, I have served the city of Salem, and the surrounding communities, since 1980.

My Background

My introduction to childbirth occurred in the 1960's while I was a student nurse at a teaching hospital. I found a lot of the medical intervention that was considered necessary at that time to be very frightening, so I determined to spend my career finding a better way for women to give birth.

After graduating from nursing school in 1968, I spent several years teaching childbirth education and assisting a chiropractor that was doing births in his clinic. In 1974 I became an obstetrics nurse at a small hospital where I was given even more responsibilities, and was able to learn how to handle a greater variety of circumstances involved in the birth process, and to improve my skills in labor management.

In 1980, I began assisting a few friends and relatives who chose to give birth at home, and I realized that I was ready to fulfill my true calling, that of Home Birth Midwife. Since then, I have attended hundreds of births, and each birth teaches me something new. I still find my career to be stimulating, uplifting and fulfilling. I am enjoying delivering many second generation babies in the Salem area.

Personal Note

I am married with four grown children, and six grandchildren, some of whose pictures compliment these pages.